Song Lyrics I Love You 3000 - Stephanie Poetri

Song Lyrics I Love You 3000 - Stephanie Poetri

The lyrics of the song "I Love You 3000 from Stephanie Poetri. This song is still a single distributed by the label / Youtube Channel Stephanie Poetri. Here's the quote for the lyrics of the song" Baby, take my hand I want you to be my husband 'Cause you're my Iron Man And I love you 3000 ... "You can subscribe to or buy this song through official digital media such as Google Play Music, Apple Music and iTunes, Amazon, Qobuz, Joox, Sky Music, Spotify, Deezer, KKBOX and the official online music purchase media others or you can listen to it via the Youtube channel. For more lyrics on the song I Love You 3000 sung by Stephanie Poetri. Hopefully the song can entertain you.

Song Lyrics I Love You 3000 - Stephanie Poetri

Artist : Stephanie Poetri
Song Title : I Love You 3000
Album : I Love You 3000 - Single
Label : Stephanie Poetri

Song Lyrics I Love You 3000 - Stephanie Poetri

Baby, take my hand
I want you to be my husband
'Cause you're my Iron Man
And I love you 3000
Baby, take a chance
'Cause I want this to be something
Straight out of a Hollywood movie

I see you standing there
In your hulk outerwear
And all I can think
Is where is the ring
'Cause I know you wanna ask
Scared the moment will pass
I can see it in your eyes
Just take me by surprise

And all my friends they tell me they see
You planning to get on one knee
But I want it to be out of the blue
So make sure I have no clues
When you ask

Baby, take my hand
I want you to be my husband
'Cause you're my Iron Man
And I love you 3000
Baby, take a chance
'Cause I want this to be something
Straight out of a Hollywood movie

Now we're having dinner
And baby you're my winner
I see the way you smile
You're thinking about the aisle
You reach in your pocket
Emotion unlocking
And before you could ask
I answer too fast

And all my friends they tell me they see
You planing to get on one knee
So now I can't stop thinking about you
I figured out all the clues
So now I ask

Baby, take my hand
I want you to be my husband
'Cause you're my Iron Man
And I love you 3000
Baby, take a chance
'Cause I want this to be something
Straight out of a Hollywood movie

No spoilers please
No spoilers please

Baby, take my hand
I want you to be my husband
'Cause you're my Iron Man
And I love you 3000
Baby, take a chance
'Cause I want this to be something
Straight out of a Hollywood movie, Baby

No spoilers please
No spoilers please
No spoilers please
And I love you 3000

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12 Benefits of Vitamin B Complex, Benefits of Vitamin B1 to Vitamin B12

12 Benefits of Vitamin B Complex, Benefits of Vitamin B1 to Vitamin B12

B-Complex Vitamins: Benefits, Side Effects and Dosage - HealthlineVitamin B complex is one of very important vitamin  and needed by the body. There are a number the benefits of vitamin b are an interesting complex for listened to. However before knowing more far about benefits of vitamin B complex, preferably You know more past what is meant with vitamin B complex.

What is vitamin B complex ?

Vitamin B complex is one type of vitamin that is included in vitamins that dissolve in the air and is composed of several types of vitamin B. Therefore, if needed foods containing vitamin B must be balanced with adequate air drinks.

Types of vitamin B complex

Based on his name then You already clear knowing that B vitamins are enough complex when compared to with other types of vitamins . There are 12 types of B vitamins that enter to in vitamin B complex.

Following this are 12 types of complex B vitamins :

  1. Vitamin B1 ( Thiamine )
  2. Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
  3. Vitamin B3 ( Niacin )
  4. Vitamin B4 ( Choline )
  5. Vitamin B5 ( Acid Pantothenic )
  6. Vitamin B6 ( Pyridoxine )
  7. Vitamin B7 (Biotin)
  8. Vitamin B8 (Inositol)
  9. Vitamin B9 ( Acid Folate )
  10. Vitamin B10 (PABA)
  11. Vitamin B11 ( Acid Salicylate )
  12. Vitamin B12 ( Kobalamin )

Benefits of vitamin B complex for body

You has been knowing that vitamin B complex consists of 12 vitamin B. Each types of B vitamins have benefits the important ones themselves for the body. Come on, know What only each the benefits of vitamin B complex are useful for the body.

Listen every benefits of vitamin B complex below this with carefully !

1. Benefits of vitamin B complex: Benefits of Vitamin B1
The benefits of vitamin B complex are first will discussed begins from benefits of vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 has a number of benefits for the body. Benefits of vitamin B1 can keep health body, improve lust eat, and keep deep water balance the body.

Besides that, vitamin B1 play a role in protein, carbohydrate , and metabolism glucose so that have benefits for   produce energy.Thiamine is also useful for convert carbohydrate to be fat and absorption fat.

Many say if vitamin B1 is included anti stress vitamins because can relieve stressed out.Besides stress, vitamin B1 can also relieve tingling. This including important for eye because Thiamine can prevent cataracts.

2. Benefits of B complex vitamins: Benefits of Vitamin B2
Vitamin B2 or riboflavin also has many important benefits for the body. Benefits of vitamin B2 can reduce risk glaucoma, help function system nerves, help repair network body, and help health skin, nails, and hair.

Benefits of vitamin B complex one this can too change protein, fat, and carbohydrate to be energy. So, vitamin B2 is also beneficial for help production energy required the body.

3. Benefits of complex B vitamins : Benefits of Vitamin B3
Vitamin B3 has some benefits. Some benefits of vitamin B3 or niacin in between can stretch out poison, improve lust eat, help system digestion, improve HDL cholesterol, and fix health skin and nerves.

Niacin too play a role to release energy from carbohydrates, proteins,and fat. Vitamin B complex it also has role to division and growth cell and synthesis fat. Besides that, the benefits of vitamin B3 can be prevent occurrence pelagra.

4. Benefits of complex B vitamins : Benefits of Vitamin B4
Although not as popular as vitamin B3, vitamin B4 or Choline also has some benefits important. Benefits of vitamin B4   play a role in the reproductive process and help development fetus as support power remember fetus since in womb.

5. Benefits of complex B vitamins : Benefits of Vitamin B5
Same like vitamin B complex that has been mentioned previously, the benefits of vitamin B5 also had role to release energy from carbohydrates, proteins and fat. Besides energy, vitamin B5 play a role to release adrenal hormone.

Vitamin B5 plays a role to some synthesis as synthesis fat, synthesis cell blood red, synthesis cholesterol, and synthesis acetylcholine . Benefits others from vitamin B5 is could forming immunity the body.

6. Benefits of vitamin B complex: Benefits of Vitamin B6
When You is being fasting then well for consume foods that contain vitamin B6 before fasting. this because of benefits of vitamin B6 can keep grade glucosa blood for fasting and play a role to production & regeneration cell blood red.

Besides have benefits for help protein metabolism and fat, vitamin B6 also acts as regulator use of protein, fat, and carbohydrates that have been produced. The benefits of vitamin B6 can also be improve resistance to disease.

7. Benefits of complex B vitamins : Benefits of Vitamin B7
The benefits of vitamin B7 are as coenzyme in synthesis fat, help formation glycogen, and help metabolism carbohydrates. Besides that, vitamin B7 is also beneficial for metabolism amino acids.

8. Benefits of complex B vitamins : Benefits of Vitamin B8
Vitamin B8 has unique benefits, namely could fix atmosphere heart, calm mind, and reduce worry or panic. This because vitamin B8 has role serotonin and production acetylcholine.

Benefits of vitamin B8 too play a role to k funeral women, growth cells bone marrow, and metabolism fat and cholesterol . By because that, for women who haven't pregnant then You can consume intake of plenty vitamin B8 content.

9. Benefits of vitamin B complex: Benefits of Vitamin B9
Vitamin B9 or also known as designation acid folate is a the type of vitamin B is very familiar among mother pregnant. Because, vitamin B9 has benefits important to grow flower fetus.

Benefits of vitamin B9 can prevent disabled default on baby born. Besides that is, the benefits of vitamin B complex are one this is also important to division cell for pregnancy. Acid folate also can fix power remember and bring down risk Alzheimer's.

10. Benefits of complex B vitamins : Benefits of Vitamin B10
Not want fast have gray hair ? Consumption intake of plenty the amount of vitamin B10 or amino benzoic acid. Vitamin B10 can prevent appearance gray hair. Besides that, the benefits of vitamin B10 can also be help growth hair and keep health the skin.

11. Benefits of complex B vitamins : Benefits of Vitamin B11
Vitamin B11 has Preferred benefits for You're in the middle have pimples. Benefits of vitamin B11 can reduce pimples. On the side that, vitamin B11 is also important for fetus because could help development nerve on fetus.

mother breastfeeding is also good consume vitamin B11 intake because of could improve milk production. Other benefits of vitamin B11   play a role on RNA and DNA synthesis as well play a role to formation cell blood red.

12. Benefits of vitamin B complex: Benefits of Vitamin B12
The benefits of vitamin B12 include is take care of cell digestion, function system nerves, and function marrow bone. Vitamin B12 or Cobalamin also has role to DNA synthesis, choline, and mention.

Type foods that contain vitamin B complex
Although there is many vitamin B complex supplements sold in the market, should You get complex vitamin B intake in a manner natural, that is directly from ingredients food . By because it is important for listening some type foods that contain vitamin B complex.

Vitamin B complex is in food as rice red, rice white, rice black, rice chocolate, tempe, tofu, milk soybeans, beans red, peanuts green, sesame, walnuts, and peanuts almond. Besides The source of vitamin B complex is also in the meat beef, chicken, fish, eggs, mushrooms, vegetables green, and yogurt.

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Siti Pramitha . 2018. Nutrition Basic Plus 30 Recipe Food Delicious Practical Nan . Yogyakarta: Diandra Creative

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Skip Hydroquinone : 7 Natural Fruits and Ingredients That Can Lighten Your Skin

Skip Hydroquinone : 7 Natural Fruits and Ingredients That Can Lighten Your Skin

7 Natural Fruits and Ingredients That Can Lighten Your Skin

Want to have that face glowing natural or bright? Calm down, you don't have to always use expensive treatments. Eating fruit can be a practical solution, you know! Already know what fruits can lighten skin naturally?

1. Avocados
7 Natural Fruits and Ingredients That Can Lighten Your Skin

Avocados are fruits that are rich in vitamins A, E, C, K, B6, B1, folate, and pantothenic acid. In addition, avocados have powerful antioxidant properties that can help prevent DNA damage in body cells including preventing damage to skin cells. Not only that, avocados are fruits that are rich in healthy fats. It is this healthy fat in avocados that can help maintain skin elasticity, reduce inflammation, and accelerate healing of irritations or wounds. Therefore, avocado is a fruit that is very effective in forming natural bright skin.

2. Cucumber
7 Natural Fruits and Ingredients That Can Lighten Your Skin

Cucumber is a fruit that contains a lot of water. Because of the high water content in cucumbers, this makes cucumbers have a soothing effect that is good for the body. Plus cucumber has powerful antioxidant properties that can protect body cells.

Un-peeled cucumber is very rich in vitamins K, C, and dietary fiber that the body needs.
Even as loaded inside  Asian Pacific Journal Tropical Medicine , cucumber is considered a fruit that can brighten skin tone and reduce wrinkles. Because of this effect, cucumber can help brighten the skin's natural color.

3. Papaya
7 Natural Fruits and Ingredients That Can Lighten Your Skin

The fruit that is famous for its benefits of preventing constipation is not only good for digestion. Eating papaya can make your skin more glowing naturally.

Papaya contains   lots of vitamins and minerals, starting from vitamins A, C, pantothenic acid, folate, copper, magnesium, and potassium.

Papaya also contains enzymes that help prevent skin damage from free radicals and as anti-bacterial. This enzyme is the enzyme papain, and chymopapain.
Because of this enzyme, papaya makes the defense of skin cells stronger and not easily damaged. Plus, the vitamins in it help brighten the face naturally. So papaya is a very important fruit to brighten the skin.

4. Mango
7 Natural Fruits and Ingredients That Can Lighten Your Skin

A sweet and sour taste with a soft texture makes mango a fruit that many people like. Mango is a fruit that is rich in vitamins A, E, C, and K. Not only that, the antioxidant component in mango is very large, there are flavonoids, beta carotene and xanthophylls.

Because of these components, mangoes can help protect your skin from DNA damage and inflammation of the skin. Because the skin is more protected, naturally bright skin will stay awake all day with mangoes.

Because mangoes contain high antioxidants, today mango is also increasingly used in the cosmetics industry   skincare   as a component in products for skin and hair.

5. Apples
Apple, Red, Delicious, Fruit

The proverb about eating one apple a day, can keep you from illness, it is not rumors. The content of vitamin A, C, potassium, calcium, and magnesium apples is the main strength. This blend of vitamins A and C also can help lighten your skin color naturally.

Fruit and apple skin are also rich in antioxidants which can counteract harmful radicals that are harmful to body cells, including skin cells. The skin becomes much healthier by eating apples regularly.

6. Banana
7 Natural Fruits and Ingredients That Can Lighten Your Skin
Who is not familiar with this one fiber-rich fruit? Bananas are fruits that are also rich in vitamins A, C, E, K, and minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

All of these vitamins and minerals are needed to maintain the smooth functioning of metabolic processes in the body. But not only that, bananas are known as natural moisturizers that have antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.

Therefore, bananas are believed to be the fruit that can make the skin   glowing   naturally aliases can brighten the skin without the hassle.

7. Lemon
7 Natural Fruits and Ingredients That Can Lighten Your Skin

Lemon is a fruit that has natural whitening substances. This fruit is rich in vitamin C and its powerful antioxidant helps remove toxins and protects the skin from hyperpigmentation.

So, if there is uneven pigmentation, black spots, lemon acne scars can be the solution. You can use lemon in your drink everyday to get the effect optimally. That way, lemon will naturally brighten your skin.

8. Centella Asiatica
7 Natural Fruits and Ingredients That Can Lighten Your Skin

Centella Asiatica is not a fruit but a plant that is often used as an active ingredient in products skin care .This plant is famous for its effects which can accelerate the process of skin regeneration.

With the faster regeneration process, this makes the formation of new skin faster, resulting in dead skin cells that make your face dull and quickly change. Therefore, this material also includes plants that cannot be underestimated to lighten the skin.

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Differentiating Common Dizziness and Dizziness of Stroke Symptoms

Differentiating Common Dizziness and Dizziness of Stroke Symptoms

Differentiating Common Dizziness and Dizziness of Stroke Symptoms

      Everyone must have felt dizzy. Dangerous dizziness can occur after riding a roller coaster, watching a 3-D movie, or when you sleep less. However, sometimes there are stories from someone who had a stroke, which began with, "At first I felt a little dizzy ..."
      Dizziness is a feeling that is unpleasant and can be scary. Naturally, if some people are worried that they may be having a stroke when a headache occurs.
      Dizziness is described as feeling like spinning or in a rotating room, which is often also called vertigo. This can make you feel lost in balance and even like going unconscious. This can develop more so that you feel trembling. In some cases, dizziness can feel like being in a rocking boat. Dizziness can also feel like your environment is not stable enough or   like you are outside your body, or your head is covered in clouds.
Sometimes dizziness occurs with these symptoms:

1. Nausea
2. Vomiting or diarrhea
3. Headache or migraine
4. Chest pain
5. Hard to breathe
6. Fever
7. Ringing in the ear
8. Shaded vision
9. Blurred vision
10. Numb
11. Tingling on the arm or leg
12. Slurred
13. Tingling around the mouth
14. Tired

Why don't I have to worry if I experience dizziness?

There are several causes of dizziness, and stroke is one of them. One characteristic of brainstem strokes is dizziness. Usually, when someone has a stroke or mild stroke, there are other symptoms besides feeling dizzy. It's rare for dizziness without other symptoms to be the only sign of a mild stroke or stroke. In general, dizziness may be a sign the body is trying to convey something.

When should I worry?

Check with your doctor if dizziness is accompanied by other symptoms. When you experience severe dizziness, this may be a sign of a sudden change in heart function or a sign of another serious problem .When dizzy affects balance, coordination, and ability walking , it is important to get a medical diagnosis and complete it as soon as possible.
Dizziness can be a sign of some serious health problems, such as:

Dehydration or loss of body fluids, both from lack of proper hydration, excessive sweating, vomiting, diarrhea or metabolic problems.

Heat stroke - Deviation of heart rhythms or arrhythmias is a heart rhythm disorder that can cause disruption of blood supply to the brain, resulting in a feeling of dizziness.

Hypertension or high blood pressure can affect blood vessels throughout the body and can result in ischemic strokes or hemorrhagic strokes.

Hypotension or low blood pressure can cause a low blood supply to the brain or watershed stroke resulting in dehydration.

Stroke - All types of strokes can cause dizziness, but especially strokes involving the brain stem.

Mild stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) are symptoms that resemble strokes but not strokes.

Heart attack caused by a lack of blood supply to the heart's blood vessels. This often results in low or irregular blood supply to the brain, causing a sensation of dizziness.

Ear disease can cause loss of balance because the ears are very important in maintaining balance and coordination.

Infection on the lining of the brain causes headaches, lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration and hypotension.

Meningitis - Infection of the lining of the brain causes headaches and dizziness.

Encephalitis is a more serious infection ,   involves brain tissue and is generally accompanied by fever.

Neuropathy - is the loss of sensory fibers in the nerves. This can cause difficulty in balance and coordination, often difficult to walk. Neuropathy sufferers often feel dizzy when bathing when their eyes are closed because they cannot feel their feet on the ground.

Brain tumor can cause dizziness due to pressure on the brain, especially if the brain stem is involved.

Drug side effects - a number of drugs cause dizziness. It takes time to adjust to new drugs that cause dizziness. Sometimes dizziness subside in a few days. Your doctor or pharmacist can advise you on whatto do when dizzy.

Migraine headaches often accompanied by dizziness, either before, during, or after a migraine. If dizziness and migraines follow a predictable pattern, symptoms are usually not too worrying.

Tired can cause dizziness and confusion without significant long-term effects.

What should i do?

Dizziness is a common problem and can be a sign of a mild problem or a more serious problem. It is better to consult a doctor so that it can be evaluated and treated.   Frequent dizziness is not a sign of a serious problem, such as a stroke, heart attack or brain tumor, and a thorough examination of the causes of dizziness is usually complicated and long. However, if you are worried that something is wrong with your body, never hesitate to get clear answers and help.

Martin Samuels and David Feske, Office Practice of Neurology,   2nd   Edition, Churchill Livingston, 2003


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Headaches are pain or discomfort that occurs in the head or neck. The type of headache that most often occurs is the tension headache, which is caused by the tension of the muscles in the area of the head, shoulders, neck, to the jaw. This type of headache will usually last 30 minutes to several hours. If the cause is not handled, it can take up to several days. Pain usually starts from the back of the head and then spreads to the front.

When an attack of a headache like this comes, try the following tips before hurrying to take medication.

Resting in a dark room
If the headache comes when you're on the activities, immediately find a place to lie down or to simply sit. Try to rest in a quiet and rather dark room. Avoid noise coming from the surrounding environment. Calm yourself and try to relax your head and shoulders.

If you usually meditate, you can use meditation techniques to relieve your headaches. Close your eyes, adjust your breath. Imagine you are in your favorite place that is comfortable and your headache is gradually disappearing.

You can do cold compress techniques and hot compresses. Try compressing your forehead and back of your neck using a warm cloth, this will help blood flow and relax stiff muscles. After that, continue by compressing the section with cold compresses. You can use some ice cubes wrapped in a handkerchief. This cold effect will shrink the blood vessels. When the blood vessels shrink, the pressure on the sensitive nerves contained in the head will decrease.

Light massage
You can try massaging the affected part using your index finger or your thumb. Give a light massage constantly for 7-15 seconds, then release. Repeat again until you feel less pain.
Try asking for help from others to massage your head, neck and shoulder area. Ask to massage with the right pressure, because if it is too slow it will not relax the tense muscles, but if too hard will add to your headache.

A fall in blood sugar levels can cause headaches. Try eating snacks or drinking warm sweet tea first. Try to eat always in time to avoid headaches caused by a decrease in blood sugar levels.

Your headache may be caused by the tense muscles in the shoulder and neck. This tension can be caused by stress, fatigue, or the same sitting position for too long. If this is the cause of your headache, you can do simple stretches such as bending your head to one side and then slowly turning down to form a semicircular movement, leaving your chin to touch your chest. You can repeat it back to the opposite side.

Don't forget to drink water
One sign of dehydration is a headache. If your headache is accompanied by thirst, dry mouth, excessive fatigue, and the frequency of infrequent urination, try drinking a glass of water.
After your headache subsides, try to find out what caused it. You may be late for food, lack of drinking, stress, or you sit too long in an uncomfortable position. These things are usually the cause of tension headaches. By knowing the causes of headaches, you can avoid attacks of headaches later on.

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Beware of the Dangers of Canker Sores, The best tips and natural way to cure the Canker Sores

Canker Sores
Image from

Almost everyone has experienced Canker Sores. Sometimes in the inner cheek, lips, or tongue, canker sores can be very painful to make it lazy to eat and talk. Are you looking for canker sores but are confused about it ? Did you know that effective thrush drugs don't always have to use a doctor's prescription ? Some choices of natural thrush drugs you may even have at home. Then, what if your children are having thrush? Are canker sores for children the same as adults ? Not necessarily! Come on, find out the answer in this article.

Introduction of Canker Sores

Sprue is a small, shallow and painful wound that appears on the soft tissues in the mouth, at the base of the gums, under the tongue, or along the sides of the oral cavity. Sprue is often referred to as aphthous ulcer, aphthous stomatitis, canker sores, or mouth ulcer. Sprue can appear only one or several fruits at a time, but Sprue are not contagious.

The most common causes of canker sores are weakened body resistance, lack of vitamin B12 or folic acid, and certain bacterial or viral infections. Sometimes, changes in body hormones such as during menstruation or pregnancy can also cause canker sores to appear

In some cases, injuries to the soft tissues of the mouth can cause canker sores. For example, when the tongue or lips are bitten when chewing food, the tongue is scratched with sharp food such as chips, or when you brush your teeth too hard to hurt the gums.

Anyone can experience canker sores, but it is more common in adolescents and young adult women. Some people who are prone to canker sores can experience more severe thrush.

A wide selection of natural canker sores medications, including on the tongue
Although canker sores are not dangerous, the pain can interfere with daily activities. Canker sores can be very long, about one to two weeks. So, it is very possible if canker sores make you not appetite and lazy to talk to people around. How to handle it ? Traditional medicine that is proven effective in treating canker sores :

1. Honey
Honey is one choice of natural canker sores medications that are quite effective. The method is simply by applying honey over the canker sores. Based on data from Prevention, honey has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can help reduce pain while speeding up the recovery process of canker sores. This conclusion was obtained from a study from Saudi Arabia on 94 participants who routinely applied honey to canker sores in their mouths for four consecutive days.

2. Salt Water
Gargling with salt water for about 1-2 minutes can relieve canker sores without medication. Salt has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to prevent your canker sores from getting worse. Salt also helps speed up the healing process of canker sores. Also as a natural canker sores medications, salt is useful for preventing infections in the mouth. To make water, just one part of one glass of warm water is enough. Mix well and gargle the air in the mouth. Don't swallow. Immediately discard after finishing and rinse with drinking water. Repeat gargling with salt water for several times a day until canker sores appear deflated.

3. Coconut
Coconut turned out to be able to be a drug thrush on the tongue or on the lips. Coconut works to prevent inflammation of the wound getting worse while reducing the pain caused by canker sores. Coconut is also believed to help soothe body temperature.

How to use coconut as a medicine for natural canker sores is actually quite easy. Mix honey with coconut milk or coconut oil, then apply the mixture to your canker sores. Repeat 3-4 times a day, until the thrush begins to appear deflated.

4. Used tea bags
Compressing used tea bags can also be used as a canker sores medication on the tongue and lips. An alkaline tea bag can neutralize an acidic mouth so it doesn't worsen the pain caused by the canker sores.

according to the American Academy of Periodontology, tea leaves can fight infections and inflammation that cause canker sores. Moreover, the remaining tea brewed can help improve gum health and reduce the risk of gum disease. The method is simply by attaching the used tea bag for about five minutes to your canker sores.

5. Aloe Vera
One canker sores on the tongue can make your entire mouth feel uncomfortable and hot. For that, prepare the original aloe vera leaves and wash thoroughly as a canker sores medication on the tongue. Then, apply gum or aloe vera meat to taste directly on your canker sores. Leave it for several hours and repeat two to three times a day. Aloe vera is effective for removing canker sores on the tongue because of its function as a natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.

6. Ice cube
Within a few days, canker sores on the tongue can swell and feel painful. In order for canker sores to quickly collapse and heal, you can compress the tongue with ice cubes wrapped in a soft cloth. The cool taste of ice cubes can be a natural canker sores medications that relieves pain. If it's difficult, place the ice cubes on the part of the tongue affected by the canker sores until it melts completely in the mouth.

7. Avoid Acidic Foods
Acidic foods can worsen inflammation and cause damage to the body's soft tissue surface. So, limit the portion of your acidic food first while you have canker sores. Replace with green or neutral vegetables, milk, coconut water and tea. The choice of food and drink is not acidic so it is safe for your canker sores.

8. Gargle with mouthwash
Not all mouthwash can be used as a canker sores medicine. Most mouthwash products on the market can only treat mild and superficial canker sores, for example because of food scratching or tongue biting while chewing. Certain canker sores caused by bacterial infections are also included.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania said that until now there had been no effective mouthwash as a canker sores medicine. However, make sure the mouthwash you choose contains one of the four things below to treat canker sores :
  • Antiseptic / antibiotic substances, to kill bacteria around the wound
  • An antihistamine or local anesthetic to reduce pain and discomfort in the mouth
  • Antifungal substances to reduce fungal growth in the mouth
  • Corticosteroid substances to treat inflammation due to canker sores
Of course you need to know in advance what is the cause of canker sores that you experience to find out what mouthwash contains the right ingredients to treat the canker sores.

How to prevent canker sores so that they don't recur frequently ?

There are many choices of natural thrush drugs, but it's always better to prevent than cure. After recovering, you can prevent canker sores coming back by following these tips :
  • Pay attention to what food you eat. Avoid foods that can irritate your mouth, such as nuts, chips, pretzels, certain herbs, salty foods and sour fruits, such as pineapple, grapefruit and oranges. Avoid foods that make you sensitive and allergic.
  • Choose healthy foods. Eat more fruit, vegetables and whole grains to prevent malnutrition that can cause canker sores
  • Maintain good oral hygiene habits. Brushing your teeth after eating and using dental floss 1 time a day can keep your mouth clean and free of leftover food that can cause injury. Use a soft toothbrush to help prevent irritation of soft tissues, and avoid toothpastes and mouthwashes that contain sodium lauryl sulfate.
  • Protect your mouth. If you use braces or other dental equipment, ask the dentist about orthodontic wax to cover the sharp end.
  • Reduce stress. If your canker sores often appear when stressed, equip yourself with various stress relief techniques. For example meditation and deep breathing techniques.

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Beware of Your Bad Breath, Home Remedies and Simple tips to prevent bad breath 100% successful

In the previous article we discussed about Please Beware of the Diseases that Often Attack Your Mouth and Teeth. On this occasion, I will discuss the dangers of bad breath, home remedies and simple tips to prevent bad breath.

Introduction of Bad Breath

Bad Breath
Image from
A smelling mouth will certainly make you feel shy and insecure, especially when talking to other people. In fact, other people will avoid you because they can't stand the mouth that smells bad. Actually, it's very easy to get rid of bad breath, while keeping your teeth and gums healthy at the same time. Check out how to get rid of bad breath, so that your mouth feels fresh and clean.

1. Brush your teeth frequently and clean teeth with thread

Plaques that accumulate and stick to your teeth, will collect bacteria that cause bad breath. Food that is stuck and tucked between teeth also adds to the problem. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, and clean them with thread (dental floss) at least once a day. If you are worried about your bad breath, do both of the above treatments more often. However, don't do it too much. If it's excessive, it will make the teeth quickly damaged and prone to decay.

2. Wash your mouth with mouthwash

In addition to functioning to refresh the breath and eliminate bad breath, mouthwash can also provide extra protection by killing bacteria in the mouth. Fresh mint can make you feel comfortable. But make sure first, that the mouthwash you choose can kill germs that cause bad breath. Not just disguising the smell. Wash your mouth every day with a good mouthwash and remove bad breath right at the source.

You can also eliminate bad breath naturally by gargling using plain water after you have finished eating. This method can get rid of food particles that are still stuck or stuck in your teeth.

3. Clean your tongue

The layer that usually forms on your tongue can host bacteria that cause bad breath. To get rid of bad breath quickly, clean your tongue slowly with your toothbrush. If your toothbrush is too big to comfortably touch your tongue, try a scraper. The tool is specifically designed to clean the area on the surface of the tongue, capable of removing bacteria, food debris, and dead cells.

4. Avoid consuming foods that will make your mouth smell

Onion and garlic are the biggest cause of bad breath. Even brushing your teeth after you eat it will not help eliminate bad breath that results from it. Substances that cause bad breath in the garlic will get into your blood stream and leading to your lungs.

What is the best way to get rid of bad breath after eating onions? don't eat it, or at least avoid consuming it before you go to work or date.

5. Dispose of smoking habits

Besides being able to cause cancer, smoking can also damage your gums, stain teeth, and cause bad breath.

6. Avoid consuming sweets after dinner, instead chew gum

The bacteria in your mouth like sugar. sugar will cause acidity in the mouth. This will make your teeth become damaged and cause bad breath. Chew sugarless gum to get rid of bad breath. Chewing gum stimulates saliva in the mouth, which is the mouth's natural defense mechanism to fight acidic plaque, which causes tooth decay and causes bad breath.

7. Take care of your gum health

Gum disease will cause bad breath. Bacteria gather at the base of the tooth, which creates an unpleasant odor. If you suffer from gum disease, your dentist may advise you to seek treatment from a periodontist, who is an expert in the field of gum care.

8. Moisten your mouth with water

You can experience tooth decay and bad breath if your mouth does not produce enough saliva. The easiest way to get rid of bad breath is to drink lots of water during the day, if your mouth is dry. Try chewing sugarless gum or sucking sugar-free candy. Also consider using a humidifier at night to moisten the air in your home.

9. Meet and ask for help from your doctor

If your bad breath still doesn't go away, even though you have worked hard to get rid of odor in your mouth, make an appointment to see your doctor. He will check whether your problem is related to certain medical conditions that you might experience.

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