Health Care : Bewara the Dangers Of Hepatitis, Hepatitis danger or not ? How to Cure It ? Introduction and Home Remedies Guaranteed Effective

how to cure hepatitis


Hepatitis is a disease that involves injury to the liver. Usually recognized by the presence of inflamed tissue in the cells of the liver.

There are various forms of hepatitis, depending on the cause, and also differing widely in severity.

In most cases of hepatitis, it is caused by a group of viruses known as the hepatitis viruses. There are, of course, other causes as well.

Consumption of too much alcohol over long periods of time results in a condition known as alcoholic hepatitis, where the liver is damaged by the constant consumption of alcohol.

Hepatitis can also be caused by other forms of infection, and by autoimmune disorders that target the liver.

There are two main forms of hepatitis' acute and chronic.

Acute hepatitis refers to hepatitis that lasts less than six months before healing on its own.

Chronic hepatitis refers to any hepatitis that lasts longer than six months.

Symptomps differ between the two forms of hepatitis

In acute hepatitis, patients may be asymptomatic, meaning that they present no symptomps, or they may present full liver failure, where they require a liver transplant in order to survive.

In chronic hepatitis, most patients remain only mildly symptomatic or asymptomatic until disease has progressed very far. At this point, jaundice may be a symptomp, indicating extensive damage to the liver. Other symptomps include low-grade fever and water retention.


People suffering from hepatitis should eat liquid diet for few days because it is easy to digest. Papaya juice is a wonderful home remedy for the treatment of hepatitis.

Orange juice is also effective for the treatment of hepatitis. Take one glass of orange juice to get rid of weakness and fatigue that may arise due to liver inflammation.

It is best to increase intake of fluids such as water because it helps in the detoxification and removes harmful chemicals from the blood thus promoting quick recovery.

Yoga exercise is also useful for liver disorders. You may do simple yoga asana to treat hepatitis at home.

Stress may be an important factor that may cause aggravation of the symptomps. Meditation is effective to get rid of mental stress.

Eating vegetable soup is also effective for increasing strenght and promoting quick recovery of liver functioning.

Avoid eating fried or heavy food as it is difficult to digest when liver is infected.

Avoid taking too much tea or coffee as it may further damage your liver cells.

Do not take alcohol in any form


As already indicated that fruits are good for maintaining liver health therefore papaya is believed to be best fruid that helps to improve liver health quickly. People with hepatitis should eat papaya. They can also dry the seeds of the papaya and crush them into powder when completely dried. Take one teaspoon of this powder every morning. It gives excellent results in the treatment of hepatitis.

Take half glass or oranges juice and mix two tea spoons of lemon juice in it. Drink this everyday to get best results.

Mix half glass of gourd juice with radish juice and drink it everyday for hepatitis of the liver. It is an effective home remedy for liver problems.

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