Health Care : Ten Ways to Treat Your Herpes Disease Naturally Traditional and Powerful

Ten Ways to Treat Your Herpes Disease Naturally Traditional and Powerful


Have you ever heard the term "Herpes"? And what are the symptoms? Most people say that Herpes disease is a genital disease caused by intimate relationships between husband and wife isn’t healthy. Actually, the factors that cause Herpes disease are many kinds. 

Herpes disease is a type of infectious disease that can cause inflammation of the outer skin, characterized by the appearance of red rashes and bubbles containing water, which usually appear in groups on the skin of patients with Herpes disease. 

Causes of Herpes

What are the factors that cause Herpes disease? Factors that cause: close to people who already have history of Herpes disease, have sex with Herpes disease, dirty air (through virus), skin injured, diabetics, smallpox, immune system weakened, and other factors such as factors age. 

Common symptoms in Herpes disease Are : 
  • If a person has Herpes disease, because the disease is caused by a virus. And usually this virus mostly attacks on the skin and mucous membranes. 
  • There are also certain symptoms, namely the virus attacks on the human genitalia and also on the mucus membrane located in the mouth of the human lips. 
Type of Herpes Disease 

1. Herpes Zoster 

Herpes Zoster disease, this is caused by a virus called Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV). As explained earlier. This virus causes the bubbles that contain water and clumps on the surface of the skin, either on the back or chest of our body. 

This virus is also the same as the virus that causes chicken pox. 

In general, herpes zoster only attacks human skin on body parts only, such as: the left side of the body and the left back, or on the right body and back to the right. 

Symptoms : At the onset of Herpes Zoster disease, the first is only the appearance of a red rash and small droplets and pain in the inside of the body around the droplets. 

The more days, the larger the water grains are for about a week and then the water granules are deflated by themselves. An interval of about 2 to 3 weeks. The skin of the granules had dried and peeled off by itself. 

Symptoms, before the onset of red rash and aqueous granules: 
  • There is a feeling of itching and tingling on the part that will come out the rash. 
  • There was a burning sensation, before the rash came out. 
  • There is pain in the vicinity of the body, which is attacked by Herpes Zoster virus. In addition to the body part is sick, also pain in the joints. 
  • Symptoms such as: fever, headache, cold and stomachache. 
  • The appearance of red spots, which eventually turned into watery granules and widened on the surrounding body parts. 
  • The liquid was initially clear, and turned into a turbid color after a few days later. 
2. Herpes Simplex 

Herpes simplex disease, this is caused by unhealthy husband and wife relationship and the cause is Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). This virus has a predilection of mucocutaneous sites, either in the host with a normal immune system or a depressed immune system and is transmitted through genital or oral contact. 

Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) is divided into 2 types, namely HSV 1 and HSV 2. Both types have different clinical and epidemiological patterns, although they may overlap. Therefore, most people develop HSV 1 infection in childhood, whereas HSV 2 is transmitted through sexual contact. 

This disease, usually appearing on the lips and genitals of humans. Herpes simplex is also called genital herpes which is classified as a contagious disease. Transmission can be through clothes or towels that have been used. 

Symptoms of Herpes Simplex : 
  • Having an open and red wound. 
  • Feeling pain. 
  • Feeling itchy. 
  • Blisters and sores on the genitals. 
  • Lymph nodes are usually enlarged. 
  • Feeling sick, time to urinate. 
  • Fever. 
  • Flu. 
  • Headache. 
  • Trembling on the gland. 
Prevention : Always keep the body clean, when having sex should use condoms and anti-viral drugs. 

How To Treat Herpes Naturally 

1. Turmeric 

Turmeric is one of the ingredients for cooking. In fact, this turmeric can be used to cure Herpes disease. This turmeric can boost our immune system. 

How : Turmeric can be served as a turmeric water, turmeric that has been sliced thinly and dried dry, served into beverages. Turmeric can be wrapped on the skin affected by Herpes disease. 

2. Garlic 

This garlic, can cure Herpes disease by wrapping it on the skin that is infected with the disease, or garlic to eat. 

3. Black Cumin (Habbatussauda) 

Drink Black Cumin concoction, which can boost our immunity and can also cure Herpes disease. 

4. Honey 

Honey can improve the body's immune system, honey can also cure Herpes disease. How: apply honey on the skin affected by Herpes disease. Do it regularly. 

5. Daun Dewa (Gynura Divaricata) 

Daun Dewa, in addition to serve as a health drink. The Daun dewa can also heal the skin wounds of Herpes disease, by boiling it and consuming it regularly. 

6. Green Tea Leaf 

Green tea, very good for our body health and can lose weight. Green tea leaves are also good to cure Herpes disease. 

How: pour warm water with green tea leaves in containers that have been provided. Dip a cloth or towel into the water, then compressed on the skin affected by Herpes disease. Performed regularly, to get well. 

7. Binahong Leaves 

Binahong, has leaves that we can feel cool when taped to our skin. Usually these leaves are used to get rid of acne. This leaf can also cure Herpes disease. 

8. Sambiloto (Andrographis Paniculata) 

Sambiloto is a type of plant that can cure Herpes disease. How: Boil sambiloto into a herb and drink water regularly. 

9. Mint leaves 

Usually this mint leaves have a fragrance that can eliminate odors, such as body odor, bad breath and underarm odor. This leaf can also cure Herpes disease, the way is to pound this leaf into smooth and roll on the skin affected by Herpes disease. 

10. Waru Hedgehog 

Waru Hedgehog is one of the most stratified plant species found. However, waru hedgehog is also a natural remedy for curing Herpes disease. 

How : Puree this waru hedgehog with pounded until smooth. Then turn on the affected part Herpes disease, where the section had previously been clad in cloth or other cloth. So the results will be more leverage. Do this regularly.

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