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Improving your memory
Improve Your Memory


Improving the function of the work of the brain is an action that must be done by everyone, both improve the work function of the right brain and left brain. The brain has a role or function that is very useful for human life. Because all the activities that will or when humans are sourced from the brain.

Indeed, the brain is not an organ that helps people to live, such as the heart and lungs, but the role and function of the brain can exceed other body organs. Without humans having brains, humans will not be able to survive, move, think and surely be just like animalsSurely you've heard, if rational animals, like buffalo, boar, and others never use their brain function, because they never know how to improve their brain function by using exercise or learning.

What you need to know , the human brain is only a lump of meat that is headed humans with an average weight of 1400 gr, but can control, control and move all the activities of human beings. Maybe you will think, why there are people who have a high intelligence of the brain and some are not smart.

Human intelligence that comes from the brain, not a big problem the small size of the brain that is on the human head. However, the intelligence that humans have is based on the level of exercise and effort you do to improve the intelligence or function of your brain, and could also be due to education factors or how to care that you do when taking care of your child. If you always do the exercises and educate your child as well as possible, then you and your child can be a smart man.

Dietary Changes (Recommendations)

Diet plays an important part in having good memory. Children lack concentration and have poor memory due to poor eating habits.

Fruits and green vegetables are very important for improving memory. Children who do not eat balanced diet suffer from many problems and lack of concentration is one of them. Therefore, it is very essential to eat proper balanced diet.

Old people who drink tea and coffee make them lazy. Too much drinking of tea and coffee should be avoided as it can cause dizziness and loss of memory.

Dinner should be eaten two hours before sleeping because late dinner may cause sluggishness and children feel lazy and they cannot concentrate on their studies.

Home remedies for memory/intelligence

Take about five to six almonds and soak overnight. Peel in the morning and make a paste. Add this paste in one glass of milk and drink everyday for few months. it is a very good home remedy for children to improve memory and concentration.

Meditation is an improtant technique for improving concentration. Students should do meditation for few minutes everyday to reduce lack of concentartion.

Good sleep is very essential for improving concentration and memory. Students who do not take proper sleep often get fewer marks.

Apples are very good for maintaining over all good health. Drink one glass of apple juice everyday to get proper nutrition. you can also mix juice of other fruits to make it a proper health drink.

Black grams are very good for brain. Soak some black grams overnight and keep them for a day. Let them sprout and you may eat them regularly to increase your memory and energy

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